Registration Times

The time you have been allocated below is your REGISTRATION TIME. You will need to report to the registration area at this time with your photo ID to receive your race number. Please don’t be late for registration or you may not be able to take part. PLEASE NOTE – Due to event numbers the LAST Registration time is 4.15pm.

You will start approximately 30 minutes after your registration time. Once registered, you will be called to enter the muster area for a brief warm-up. There will be a bag check area available for your personal belongings.

Please check that your details are correct and contact us on or call 0800 15 15 10 if you have any questions.

Quick tip: If you are on a desktop computer press ‘Ctrl+F’ to search for your name

Registration Time First Name Last Name Team Name
3.30pm Mike Powers US Defense Team
3.30pm Lee-Ann Coutts Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Stephen Bennett Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Nathan Scott Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Malcolm Scott Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Michelle Hudson Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Gareth Dyer Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Renee Sidaway Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Arun Patel Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Sanjeevi Kurudi Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Bilbo Baggins Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm April Zhang Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Stefan Wypych Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Kyle Pontifex Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Douglas Clarke Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Kelly Harlen Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Leighton Stevenson Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Kate Johnstone Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Sreypouv Em Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Lee Taylor-Hall Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Diane Estall Waterfall Walkers
3.45pm Blair Cornelius Waterfall Walkers
3.30pm Karen Hunn
3.30pm Jessica Cooper
3.30pm Antonio Radich
3.30pm Ray Tang
3.30pm Tara Loader
3.30pm Rayna Phillips
3.30pm Bryan Ousey
3.30pm Dave Alcock
3.30pm Janice Toko
3.30pm Moana Hura
3.30pm Brooklyn Fawkner
3.30pm Nova Day Gebbie
3.30pm Polly Chamberlain
3.30pm Jade Carter
3.30pm Ally Green
3.30pm Charlotte Barham
3.30pm Brodie Ryan
3.30pm Madie Falconer
3.30pm Kayleigh Horsbrugh
3.30pm Deanne Ives
3.30pm Adrian Smart
3.30pm Katrina Lawrence
3.30pm Benny Seo
3.30pm Clare Hendra
3.30pm Sue McMillan
3.30pm Joe Benbow
3.30pm Jerry Grafton
3.45pm Sarah Boyle DM&Co
3.45pm Selena Lawrie DM&Co
3.45pm Christy Burgess DM&Co
3.45pm Aaron Hegan DM&Co
3.45pm Jon Mellors DM&Co
3.45pm Stuart Darvill DM&Co
3.45pm Emma Crawford DM&Co
3.45pm Lawrence Churchman DM&Co
3.45pm Shelley Van Der Krogt For Roger
3.45pm Francis Van Der Krogt For Roger
3.45pm Ashley Barker Oldies
3.45pm Cate Shave StepItUppers
3.45pm Jeni Harrison StepItUppers
3.45pm Ellan Young StepItUppers
3.45pm Andrew Cushnie StepItUppers
3.45pm Pip Wenman Zeal Commercial Interiors
3.45pm Chris Lawry
3.45pm Sylvia Edge
3.45pm Victoria Chaney
3.45pm Clinton Hall
3.45pm Matiu Julian
3.45pm Andrea Adams
3.45pm Donna Smart
4.00pm Antonia Chote Chotes
4.00pm Mark Chote Chotes
4.00pm Ellen Chote Chotes
4.00pm Mathew Hassed DATACOM Wellington
4.00pm Michael Henderson DATACOM Wellington
4.00pm Dee Whyte DATACOM Wellington
4.00pm David Bond DATACOM Wellington
4.00pm Mark Barrett DATACOM Wellington
4.00pm Lucy O’Brien-Spargo Hello Stairs
4.00pm Ally Ringrose Hello Stairs
4.00pm Julia Anderson Jhenefit
4.00pm Maia Browne Jhenefit
4.00pm Jhene Rozak Jhenefit
4.00pm Syllus Green Jhenefit
4.00pm Alice Ultee Jhenefit
4.00pm Nina Hannert-Nimmo Jhenefit
4.00pm Nicole Jack On Time Ollie
4.00pm Chris Hay On Time Ollie
4.00pm Devan McDonald On Time Ollie
4.00pm Lexi O’Shea On Time Ollie
4.00pm Ellen Lord On Time Ollie
4.00pm Jan Wells T35G
4.00pm Dean Briers T35G
4.00pm Patrick Oughton T35G
4.00pm Meg Oughton T35G
4.00pm Charlene Smith T35G
4.00pm Jyoti Riches Team Riches
4.00pm Peter Riches Team Riches
4.00pm Clinton Simpson
4.00pm Morgan Ingpen
4.00pm Anna Benefield
4.00pm Peter Robert Geale
4.00pm Joshua Patel
4.00pm Amy Fowler
4.00pm Jocelyn Dobson Kia Kaha
4.00pm Mark Dobson
4.00pm Denise Mucklin Team Tamsin
4.00pm Rose Brooke Stairs on Gears
4.00pm Emma Joss Team Gulls
4.00pm Leilani Fearon Team Gulls
4.00pm Isabelle Hunt
4.00pm Andrew Lamont
4.15pm Jane Bambery Snap, Crackle, Pop
4.15pm Mary-Elizabeth Ma’Ilo Snap, Crackle, Pop
4.15pm Brad Houlahan Snap, Crackle, Pop
4.15pm Stephen Adams Stepdads
4.15pm Tyrone Biddle Stepdads
4.15pm Zac Anderson Stepdads
4.15pm Alex Ogier Stepdads
4.15pm Chelsea Keown T35G
4.15pm Hayleigh M Baker Team Tamsin
4.15pm Bernie Pointon Team Tamsin
4.15pm Kit Quin Team Tamsin
4.15pm Emma Hercus Team Tamsin
4.15pm Dave Baker Team Tamsin
4.15pm Kelly Chorlton Team Tamsin
4.15pm Adriana Watson Team Tamsin
4.15pm Aisha Steele Team Tamsin
4.15pm Shannon Casey Team Tamsin
4.15pm Melissa Jarrett Team Tamsin
4.15pm Chantelle Paget Team Tamsin
4.15pm Karleena Osborne Team Tamsin
4.15pm Grace Reynolds Team Tamsin
4.15pm Anita Tan Waddle with Mettle
4.15pm Gregory Squire Waddle with Mettle
4.15pm Jan Sheppard Waddle with Mettle
4.15pm Dayu Guan Waddle with Mettle
4.15pm Jackson Hansen Cane Waddle with Mettle
4.15pm Kylee MacKay
4.15pm Shyam Masala
4.15pm Sam Jackson
4.15pm Ondrej Aubrecht
4.15pm Fiona Beck
4.15pm Dean Rea
4.15pm Niamh Murphy
4.15pm Rebecca Ralph
4.15pm Andrea Bradley
4.15pm Alessandro Nepi
4.15pm Chris James
4.15pm Claire James
4.15pm Niven Patel
4.15pm Kate Van Arts
4.15pm Shamika Khan
4.15pm Kathleen Misola
4.15pm Jade Rolinson
4.15pm Michael Lane
4.15pm Yasanthi Lane
4.15pm Leituva’A Fili
4.15pm Mitchell Bone
4.15pm Mandy Regan
4.15pm Teghan Braun Pineapples
4.15pm Melissa Osborne
4.15pm Lisa Lim
4.15pm Denise Verbruggen
4.15pm Amy Tye
4.15pm Megan Parry
4.15pm Liz Brosnahan
4.15pm Daryl Graham
4.15pm Harrison Bellve Pineapples
4.15pm Daphne Seyb