Registration Times

The time you have been allocated below is your registration time. You will need to report to the registration area at this time with your photo ID to receive your race number. Please don’t be late for registration or you may not be able to take part.

You will start approximately 30 minutes after your registration time. Once registered, you will be called to enter the muster area for a brief warm-up.

Please check that your details are correct and contact us on or call 0800 15 10 15 if you have any questions.

Quick tip: If you are on a desktop computer press ‘Ctrl+F’ to search for your name


Registration Time Name Team
3.30pm Ashleigh Leggett KPMG
3.30pm Axel Tie KPMG
3.30pm Greg Davies KPMG
3.30pm Jamie Hatch KPMG
3.30pm Lauren Hunn KPMG
3.30pm Meg Miller KPMG
3.30pm Camden Howard Armstrong Downes Commercial
3.30pm Mike Richardson Armstrong Downes Commercial
3.30pm Philip He Armstrong Downes Commercial
3.30pm Shane Sen Armstrong Downes Commercial
3.30pm Cherie Knights The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Chloe Cairncross The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Gaurav Dhar The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Jamie Cattell The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Joe Buchanan The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Kris Ramlu The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Andrew Phillips The Hotsteppers
3.30pm Anita Tan Ladies of Jhenefit
3.30pm Jhene Rozak Ladies of Jhenefit
3.30pm Morgan Ingpen Ladies of Jhenefit
3.30pm Jessica Mumby Thistle Heart and Sole
3.30pm Rebecca McCarthy Thistle Heart and Sole
3.30pm Francis van der Krogt For Roger
3.30pm Shelley van der Krogt For Roger
3.30pm Richard Laing I love BJ
3.30pm Scott Mckenzie I love BJ
3.30pm Vincent Els I love BJ
3.30pm Callan McLaughlin I love BJ
3.30pm Melissa Tia Stair Bears
3.30pm Te Ara Iwikau Stair Bears
3.30pm Te Haana Rikia Stair Bears
3.30pm Amit Kakroo Stair Troopers
3.30pm Sharla Arnold Stair Troopers
3.30pm Demetria Makarios Team Makarios
3.30pm Jessica McCarthy Team Makarios
3.30pm Katerina Makarios Team Makarios
3.30pm Andrea Stockwell Team Marsden
3.30pm Callie Ballara Team Marsden
3.30pm Michelle Ferris Team Marsden
3.30pm Megan Fluerty MC’s
3.30pm Sue Mcmillan MC’s
3.30pm Liz Brosnahan Bat Girlz
3.30pm Daryl Graham Bat Girlz
3.30pm Mike Powers
3.30pm Natalie Bos
3.30pm Nick Kacouris
3.30pm Rebecca Webster
3.30pm Annemie Otto
3.30pm Antonio Radich
3.30pm Camilo Ardiles
3.30pm Casey Allum
3.30pm Chris Revell
3.30pm Courtney Varney
3.30pm Dayle Barnes
3.30pm Emma Newton
3.30pm Hannah Howard
3.30pm Lana Page
3.30pm Linda Muollo
3.30pm Madison Daysh
3.30pm Lyndon Gervers
3.45pm Bradley Sheward Colliers Wellington
3.45pm Gerard Earl Colliers Wellington
3.45pm James Dunn Colliers Wellington
3.45pm Suzanne Clarke Colliers Wellington
3.45pm Cherie Moloney Wellington Airport
3.45pm Davina Lach Wellington Airport
3.45pm Ellie Cook Wellington Airport
3.45pm Joy Doran Wellington Airport
3.45pm Vicki McNaught Wellington Airport
3.45pm Jackie Holley Wellington Airport
3.45pm Belinda Barber Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Charlotte Barber Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Hayley Jones Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Jerry Grafton Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Laura Blumenthal Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Warren Cornor Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Tracy Watkins Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Alex Chapman Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Hayden Smith Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Jonathan Mitchell Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Steve Rickard Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Alex Le Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Simon Giannotti Body Shot Fitness
3.45pm Julie Robbers We Thought You Said Rum
3.45pm Ruth Humphreys We Thought You Said Rum
3.45pm Alan Turner The Core Crew
3.45pm April Zhang The Core Crew
3.45pm Banu Ramlu The Core Crew
3.45pm Douglas Clarke The Core Crew
3.45pm Lee Taylor-Hall The Core Crew
3.45pm Malcolm Scott The Core Crew
3.45pm Michelle Hudson The Core Crew
3.45pm Nathan Scott The Core Crew
3.45pm Sanjeevi Kurudi The Core Crew
3.45pm Stephen Bennett The Core Crew
3.45pm Lee-ann Coutts The Core Crew
3.45pm Gareth Dyerr The Core Crew
3.45pm Caitlin Pepperell Pepperell
3.45pm Josh Pepperell Pepperell
3.45pm Sarah Rule Carabiners
3.45pm Debbie Hunter Hutt City Tutus
3.45pm Lucy Knowles Hutt City Tutus
3.45pm Richard Slater
3.45pm Sarah Binner
3.45pm Shannon Meighan
3.45pm Siobhan Nixon
3.45pm Karen Hunn
3.45pm Karen Tonks
3.45pm Katrina Lawrence
3.45pm Kelly Hunt
3.45pm Margie Joubert
3.45pm Matt Hassed
3.45pm Micky Gunn
3.45pm Brennan Coulson
3.45pm Naitoa Ah Kuoi
3.45pm Robyn Lovewell
3.45pm Nathan Daly
3.45pm Jessica Cooper
3.45pm Craig Ross
3.45pm Lisa Newman
3.45pm Bjoern Bengelsdorf
3.45pm Laura Prince
4.00pm Ellan Young #keepitupnz
4.00pm Glynis Ng #keepitupnz
4.00pm Jeni Harrison #keepitupnz
4.00pm Sandy Hooper #keepitupnz
4.00pm Cate Shave #keepitupnz
4.00pm Deb Sherwin Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Jack Holdaway Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Liz Burrows Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Rachel McCarthy Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Raewyn Agnew Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Sarah Holdaway Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Deidre Laban Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Jo Todd Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Kirsten Redshaw Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Lorraine Pickard Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Sally Wallace Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Suzanne Hodder Blood Sista’s Stepping Up
4.00pm Ah Dar Taefu Peak Electrical
4.00pm Callum Asher Peak Electrical
4.00pm Dylan Williamson Peak Electrical
4.00pm Harry Ritchie Peak Electrical
4.00pm Ian Fine Peak Electrical
4.00pm Isaiah Mameas Peak Electrical
4.00pm Jimmy Bennet Peak Electrical
4.00pm Matt Allen Peak Electrical
4.00pm Nathan Greeley Peak Electrical
4.00pm Sam Bason Peak Electrical
4.00pm Tim Zwart Peak Electrical
4.00pm Tobias Nablen Peak Electrical
4.00pm Xavier Seal Peak Electrical
4.00pm Arina Hidzir You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Kevin Ngadisastra You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Marija Grigorjeva You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Stephen Fan You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Teresa Bassett You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Charlotte Macdonald You CAANZ do it!
4.00pm Annette McCoy Wellington Gym 2
4.00pm Bobby McGuiness What is this, a stairing contest?
4.00pm Cameron Hayes What is this, a stairing contest?
4.00pm Sam Ashworth What is this, a stairing contest?
4.00pm Olivia Lincoln Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Louise Doherty Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Mari Lowe Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Hazel Remfry Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Lily King Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Mandi Jones Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Tara Body Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Sophie Trask Don’t Trip, Dub Step
4.00pm Jonathan To Stairs for Cares
4.00pm Tania Donaldson Stairs for Cares
4.00pm Courtenay Jamieson Stairs for Cares
4.00pm Viney Macaulay Short Legs, Big Hearts
4.00pm Chantel Piper Short Legs, Big Hearts
4.00pm Duncan Turnbull Turnbull Steppers
4.00pm Joshua Turnbull Turnbull Steppers
4.00pm Amanda Chen Short Legs, Big Hearts
4.00pm Stephen Simes
4.00pm Sue Parrott
4.00pm Brad Hou
4.00pm Duncan Hodges
4.00pm Owen Ashwell
4.00pm Sam Jackson
4.00pm Shaun MacDonald
4.00pm Shyam Masala
4.15pm Athena Cao Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Ivan Ward Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Karyn Lodder Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Lizzie Addis Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Mai Sam Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Rob Deacon Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Saadia Maqsood Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Sharon van Soest Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Stephen Hutton Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Tom Telford Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Tracy Morrison Judd Eurofins ELS
4.15pm Maria O’Sullivan The Barlows
4.15pm Sarah Barlow The Barlows
4.15pm Jessie-lee Davidson Homies
4.15pm Kirsten Davidson Homies
4.15pm Shane Turk Harrison Grierson
4.15pm Nathan Bartholomew Harrison Grierson
4.15pm Daniel Langley Harrison Grierson
4.15pm Erin Cameron Harrison Grierson
4.15pm Jack Thomson Harrison Grierson
4.15pm Melissa Williams Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Nicola Lynch Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Jenni Prentice Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Karyn Wattam Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Paula Thomson Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Sandy Seymour Housewives of Kapiti
4.15pm Erin McKenzie Life In Motion
4.15pm Supon Vann Life In Motion
4.15pm Carley Brunning Life In Motion
4.15pm Cindy Hewson Life In Motion
4.15pm Colin Young Life In Motion
4.15pm Donna Williams-Stewart Life In Motion
4.15pm Eve Southan Life In Motion
4.15pm Gabrielle Wheddon Life In Motion
4.15pm Jason Southan Life In Motion
4.15pm Lysa Foster-Brown Life In Motion
4.15pm Phirak Appleton Life In Motion
4.15pm Rose Ohlsson Life In Motion
4.15pm Sandy Morgan Life In Motion
4.15pm Sonia Le Nigen Life In Motion
4.15pm Anna Middlemass Life In Motion
4.15pm Tineke Hooft Life In Motion
4.15pm Jan Wells Bring on Escalator
4.15pm Meg Oughton Bring on Escalator
4.15pm Charlene Smith Bring on Escalator
4.15pm Anna Sissons PRC
4.15pm Caroline Robertson PRC
4.15pm Jenn Thompson PRC
4.15pm Michael Burkett PRC
4.15pm Stewart Robertson PRC
4.15pm Becky Domonkos Soar Fitness
4.15pm Naylene Cobb Soar Fitness
4.15pm Rochelle Christensen Soar Fitness
4.15pm Alice Beavers Soar Fitness
4.15pm Kevin O’Malley Step-bros
4.15pm Sam Willis Step-bros
4.15pm Ellen Lord
4.15pm Esther Consedine
4.15pm Georgia Dry
4.15pm Kylee Mackay
4.15pm Kylie March
4.15pm Megan McInnes
4.15pm Kate Aston
4.15pm Becca Aston
4.30pm Amy McElroy Amy+Rosie
4.30pm Rosie Deutschle Amy+Rosie
4.30pm Anthony Gaffney Hawkins
4.30pm Cameron Chevalier Hawkins
4.30pm Graham Jones Hawkins
4.30pm James Prigg Hawkins
4.30pm Kieran Macky Hawkins
4.30pm Louis Govender Hawkins
4.30pm Morgan Poi Hawkins
4.30pm Nicola du Plessis Hawkins
4.30pm Oliver Barber Hawkins
4.30pm Richard Wright Hawkins
4.30pm Robert Krajewski Hawkins
4.30pm Rokinitalei Seruvakula Hawkins
4.30pm Royce Tobin Hawkins
4.30pm Robb Wilson Hawkins
4.30pm Ben Pye Donut Chasers
4.30pm Dean Burger Donut Chasers
4.30pm Freya Joyce Donut Chasers
4.30pm Hyuna Lee Donut Chasers
4.30pm Kate Saxton Donut Chasers
4.30pm Kelly Joyce Donut Chasers
4.30pm Kirk Fraser Donut Chasers
4.30pm Kirsty Bell Donut Chasers
4.30pm Meagan Lyle Donut Chasers
4.30pm Nicola Pye Donut Chasers
4.30pm Rebekah Cusin Donut Chasers
4.30pm Simone Mills Donut Chasers
4.30pm Stephen Cross Donut Chasers
4.30pm Steve Darroch Donut Chasers
4.30pm Craig Pollock Pineapples
4.30pm Gemma Cornish Pineapples
4.30pm Hadassah Cope Pineapples
4.30pm Harrison Bellve Pineapples
4.30pm Joanne Smith Pineapples
4.30pm Niven Patel Pineapples
4.30pm Teghan braun Pineapples
4.30pm Tom Medland Pineapples
4.30pm Ken Wong Wong Wong
4.30pm Maggie Fung Wong Wong
4.30pm Max Wong Wong Wong
4.30pm Sean Wong Wong Wong
4.30pm Eden Hawkins Hawkins Family
4.30pm Kurt Hawkins Hawkins Family
4.30pm Polly Schaverien Two in Tutus
4.30pm Marianne Bevan Two in Tutus
4.30pm Emma Hayward Not Fast, Just Furious
4.30pm Laura Putt Not Fast, Just Furious
4.30pm Naykita Shelford-Hinds Not Fast, Just Furious
4.30pm Mike Dawes PaperKite
4.15pm Mia Ward Escalating Quickly
4.15pm Natalie Hillier Escalating Quickly
4.30pm Andrew Bealing
4.30pm Antoine Zimermann
4.30pm Lateisha Smith
4.30pm Rose Willbond
4.30pm Sheree Harding
4.30pm Alex Smale
4.30pm Annabel Ritchie
4.30pm Christos Harvey
4.30pm Katrina Burns
4.30pm Jessica Iggo
4.30pm Sarah Jenkison
4.30pm Simon Moore
4.30pm Yvonne Francis