Volunteer Event Day Information

Stadium Climb is a fun and unique event, setting participants on a stair climbing mission up, down and around the stands of iconic sporting stadiums. Participants get out of it what they put in; it’s damn tough at a pace and scenic at a stroll. Stadium Climb Dunedin is open to participants of all fitness levels, they can register with a team or as an individual.


Date: Sunday 13 October 2019
Location: Forsyth Barr Stadium (enter via Gate F), 130 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin
Event timetable: 7:30am – Volunteer shift commences
8:00am – Gates open
9:00am – First wave of participants commences
10:15am – Final wave of participants commences
Approx. 12:00pm – Event concludes, pack up commences


Arriving on foot: Forsyth Barr Stadium is an easy 20-minute walk from the Octagon, connecting with all major bus services.
Arriving by bus: There are normal timetabled bus services from the city centre to the Albany/Forth Street area. To check timetables go to www.orc.govt.nz.
Arriving by bike: Bike stands are available outside the Stadium for cyclists.
Arriving by car: Free parking is available in the East End car park (enter off Ravensbourne Rd).


When arriving please enter via Gate F off the East End carpark and follow the signs to Volunteer HQ.

Here you will need to sign in and collect your volunteer lanyard and vest. You will then be introduced to your Area Leader who will provide you with a briefing on your role for the day, and answer any questions you may have. They will be your main point of contact for the day.


Please be prepared for all weather conditions! Make sure you wear closed toe comfy footwear (i.e. runners) and black/dark clothing.
Upon arrival you will be provided with a safety vest (safety vest to be returned at the completion of your shift).


We are happy for you to bring a bag with spare clothes, which you can keep in Volunteer HQ. Please leave any valuables at home; although your bags will be stored under supervision, we accept no responsibility for the loss of valuables.

There will be food and water available for you but please bring some extra snacks if you would prefer.

Please bring your mobile phone, have it fully charged and carry it with you so we can call you if required.


You will be provided with lunch. We will also provide you with bottled water.
We will have vegetarian options for those who have notified us of their dietary requirements; however, should you have any other allergies we suggest that you bring your own snacks to avoid disappointment.


Climbing up and down the stairs can be dangerous particularly when going down. Therefore there will be a number of rules all participants will be required to follow in order to partake and ensure the safety of all.

1) Participants must NOT run down the stairs. Hit every step going down. No skipping stairs on the way down.
2) If you need to overtake then this needs to occur when climbing UP or going along, NEVER DOWN. There will be designated overtaking lanes.
3) Keep to the left and overtake on the right.
4) No wearing iPods or MP3 players during the climb.
5) Use the handrails where possible.

As a volunteer you will be required to monitor participants and make sure they are following all event rules. If you see any participants running down stairs you will need to remind them of the event rules. Wording you can use: “Please do not run down stairs, this is a rule for your safety” or “Climb with Care”


For any injury requiring first aid or attention during the event – the following steps should be taken:
1. Volunteers to get the attention of their Area Leader or call them using their mobile phone, who will in turn notify the EOC via two way radio or mobile phone.
2. Communication to include; location, condition of participant, approximate age and sex of participant, bib number of participant (if obvious).
3. Secure area – look behind and ahead, redirect other climbers around patient if required. Use other volunteers or staff to assist as necessary.
4. Area Leader to remain with patient until First Aid staff arrive.
In the event of a medical emergency, personnel are advised to dial 111 and then notify EOC as soon as possible.

If a participant is unable, or does not want to complete the course, please advise your Area Leader who will arrange for someone to take the participant down to the finish line.

As it will be hard to get the Area Leaders attention if there is an injury, all volunteers will be given a RED first aid card. If they have any first aid requirements they will hold this card up so please keep an eye out for it. Remember, use your voice!

In the instance that you cannot get the attention of your Area Leader or another staff member with your Red First Aid card, please use your mobile to call your Area Leader.

Please keep your mobile turned on throughout the event – if you call to report an incident, stay on the phone until your area leader or first aid are on the scene.

In the instance of a lost child, the below process will be activated:
1. Volunteers to get the attention of their Area Leader or call them using their mobile phone. Area Leader to notify EOC who will advise stadium security staff and Management staff in that area.
2. Area Leader to remain with lost child in area child was found. In many instances, parents will be close by and moving a child will increase the time it takes to reunite them with their parent or guardian.
3. If not reunited with parents within 10 minutes, Area Leader or Staff Member to take the child to Registration tables.
4. Announcements to be made by the MC.


In an emergency you may be notified to exit the stadium via:
• Emergency warning siren
• Instructions from staff acting as wardens
Following these instructions, move calmly via the safest route, to the designated assembly area. DO NOT use the lifts or mobile phones.

View the Forsyth Barr Stadium Emergency Assembly Locations Map


If any media outlets ask you to comment on the event, even in an off-the-record capacity, please advise them that you will take down their details and pass it on to Leanne Tiscornia 021 523 172 who will follow it up.

We are happy for you to take photos during the event and post it on social media, however please don’t let this get in the way of your volunteer duties. Please do not post any photos or video to the Internet if there is an accident or incident.


Pre-event course set up
This position will give you an insight into what it takes to set up a course across 5,200 stairs! You will be assisting the Stadium Climb Operations team to position bollards and erect signs to ensure the participants can easily navigate themselves around this concrete course.  Note: This position requires stair climbing and potentially some heavy lifting.

Set up
Volunteers will assist the Event Organisers team in making the final touches to the course and event site before participants arrive.

Volunteers will be welcoming participants as they arrive and handing out participant kits, as well as selling on-the-day registrations. They will also act as an information point for participants so it is important that they familiarise themselves with the general layout of the area including where the toilets, start line, finish line and spectator areas are.

Bag Compound
Volunteers in this area will be responsible for collecting, storing and retrieving participant’s bags. All participants will have a tag they will need to hand in on storing their personal bags (tear off from their bib). Participants will only be able to collect their bag/s from the bag compound on presentation of their bib with the corresponding number to their bag tag.

Start Line
Each participant will be wearing a bib with a number on it which indicated their allocated wave time. Volunteers will ensure that participants enter in their correct wave and that they are marshalled when required. Start Line volunteers will also be responsible for conducting a short briefing for all participants before they start.

Area Leader
Area Leaders are allocated a specific area of the course and are responsible for briefing and supervising a small team of volunteers within this area. The Area Leaders will be expected to take ownership of their allocated ‘sector’ and will be required to work closely with the Event Operations Team to report any incidents or issues that may arise.

Course Marshal
Volunteers will be stationed throughout the stadium stands and are responsible for providing direction to participants and keeping a look out for any hazards to participants who may require first aid.

Some Course Marshalls will be allocated to a Water Station where they will provide cups or bottles of water to participants as they pass and ensure the area is kept clean and safe for the participants.

Finish Line
Volunteers will cheer on participants as they cross the finish line. Each participant will be awarded a finishers medal and have the opportunity to grab a piece of fruit and a drink of water before moving through to celebrate with friends and family.


Jennifer Stott – 021 523 171