Dunedin Participant Info

The event has been completed for 2018.

If you are thinking of joining us for Stadium Climb Dunedin 2019, please check out the information below.
If you have any queries please contact our Events team events@leukaemia.org.nz

First, decide if you’re going to tackle the stairs solo or sign up as a team!

Registration fee:

  • $20 for students (18+)
  • $45 for non-students

This can be paid by credit or debit card only. Please note, the registration fee is non-refundable.

On the day

You will experience a unique and fun atmosphere with an MC and music to motivate you before the climb.  There are spot prizes for climbers, and spectators will enjoy the exciting buzz of the event – so bring your friends and family to this awesome community day!

What is the course like?

As a Stadium Climb Dunedin participant, you will experience the unique covered atmosphere of Forsyth Barr, a stadium that has hosted a vast array of events from international rugby and unforgettable concerts to community events, exhibitions and conferences. You will take on over 5,500 steps up, down and around the turf, a unique and unforgettable experience – that’s approximately three laps of the stadium!

How do I/we fundraise?

The individual fundraising goal is $150. All participants entering the event commit to do their best to reach this goal – we help you along the way too!

Stadium Climb Dunedin is a peer-to-peer fundraising event. When you sign up you will also generate an online fundraising page on our website (if you are signing up as a team you will create a team page as well as an individual page for each of your team members). This is your online fundraising hub where you can ask your friends and families to securely donate to you using credit cards or by direct credit. Check out our fundraising resources.

Who can take part?

Anyone over the age of 18. Go on, give it a go!


Participating as a team can be heaps of fun! Your team can be as little or large as you like!

When entering as a team in Stadium Climb Dunedin, each participant will complete the course of 5,500 steps.  It’s not a relay event.

General rules for Stadium Climb Dunedin

Climbing up and down the stairs can be dangerous particularly when going down. Therefore there will be a number of rules all participants will be required to follow in order to partake and ensure the safety of all.

  • Participants must NOT race down the stairs. Hit every step going down. No skipping stairs on the way down.
  • If you need to overtake then this needs to occur when climbing UP or going along, NEVER DOWN.
  • Keep to the left and overtake on the right.
  • No wearing iPods, MP3 players or headphones of any sort during the climb – we need you to hear us!

Event marshals will be on hand throughout the course to monitor these rules and ensure they are been adhered to for everyone’s safety.

Please don’t be a lane hog! Please step aside for people wanting to pass.

If you are wanting to pass it is recommended that you say in a loud clear voice “PASSING PLEASE” as you will be approaching from behind and visually the slower stomper in front won’t see you coming.

Remember, sporting stadiums are not built for stair climbing. Stairs may differ in height and aisles may differ in length and gradients. Enjoy the challenge it presents and climb with care.

Stadium Climb Dunedin will take place rain or shine barring any extreme weather conditions that would put the safety of our participants at risk. In the event of inclement weather, modifications to the route may be made to ensure everyone’s safety.

By participating in Stadium Climb Dunedin you are also agreeing to the conditions of entry for this venue.