Stadium Climb Dunedin Area Leader Event Day Description


Date: Sunday 13 October 2019
Location: Forsyth Barr Stadium (enter via Gate F), 130 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin
Area Leader shift: 7:00am – 2:00pm
Event timetable: 7:30am – Volunteer shift commences
8:00am – Gates open
9:00am – First wave of participants commences
10:15am – Final wave of participants commences
12:00pm (approx.) – Event concludes
2:00pm – Volunteer shift concludes


As an Area Leader you will be responsible for a team of 3-6 people, and your duties will include:

1. Taking ownership of your area
2. Ensuring volunteers understand their role, brief your team.
3. Ensure your team gets a break, if you need volunteers to relieve your team, radio Volunteer HQ.
4. Make sure all volunteers are wearing a volunteer vest and lanyard.
5. Monitor all participants moving through your area and ensure they are not moving outside the course boundaries, breaking event rules such as running down stairs.
6. Look out for the red first aid cards, which your team will hold up if they need assistance.
7. Use radio or mobile phone to report any injuries to the EOC, stay with injured participant until first aid arrives.
8. If a participant needs to pull out of the event, radio Operations to escort the participant back to the start.
9. If any signage, cones or hazard tape falls from its position you will be required to put it back up. If you need assistance please radio Operations.
10. If you see any OH&S hazards or issues radio Operations immediately.
11. Work with volunteers to assist with pack down.


• Area Leaders arrive and sign in at Volunteer HQ.
• Collect radio, vest, LBC t-shirt & Area Leader pack.
• If you have time, familiarize yourself with your area before your volunteers arrive.
• As volunteers sign in at 7:00am, they will be directed to you. Once you have gathered your volunteers, move with them to a location in your area to give your briefing.
• Volunteer briefing should include the following;
– Introduce yourself to volunteers. GIVE ALL VOLUNTEERS YOUR MOBILE NUMBER – get them to write it down on their lanyard.
– Remind volunteers of the incident response procedure.
– Show volunteers to the nearest evacuation point.
– Remind volunteers they are the face of the event – smile, cheer, be polite and encouraging at all times.
• Follow the course path through your area, positioning each volunteer as you go. Ensure they understand where the climbers will be moving in their area, and get them to check the area for any hazards or infrastructure or signage that may have been positioned incorrectly.
• Inform Operations when all volunteers are in position.

• Move throughout your area, checking on volunteers and climbers.
• There may be a specific location that requires extra attention in your area – please refer to area notes in your folder, and monitor these locations during the event.
• Respond to incidents if required.
• Respond to directions from the EOC or Operations as required.
• Liaise with Volunteer HQ to coordinate breaks for your volunteers.
• Have fun!

• Listen to the radio – Operations will continue to update all Area Leaders as to where the final Climber is located.
• As the final climber moves through your section, radio Operations for clearance to begin pack up of your area.
• Once you receive clearance, your volunteers can pack up all signage, cones and tape in their area. All coles are to be moved out of the stands onto the concourse behind your area. Once your area is clear of infrastructure return to Volunteer HQ and await further instruction.
• All volunteers must sign off at Volunteer HQ before leaving the event or participating in the Climb.


In an emergency you may be notified to exit the stadium via:
• Emergency warning siren
• Instructions from staff acting as wardens

Following these instructions, move calmly via the safest route, to the designated assembly area. DO NOT use the lifts or mobile phones.

View the Forsyth Barr Stadium Emergency Assembly Locations Map


For any injury requiring first aid or attention during the event – the following steps should be taken:
1. Volunteers to get the attention of their Area Leader or call them using their mobile phone, who will in turn notify the EOC via two way radio or mobile phone.
2. Communication to include; location, condition of participant, approximate age and sex of participant, bib number of participant (if obvious).
3. Secure area – look behind and ahead, redirect other climbers around patient if required. Use other volunteers or staff to assist as necessary.
4. Area Leader to remain with patient until First Aid staff arrive.

In the event of a medical emergency, personnel are advised to dial 111 and then notify EOC as soon as possible.

If a participant is unable, or does not want to complete the course, please radio the EOC who will arrange to arrange for someone to take the participant down to the finish line. Alternatively if you have a confident volunteer they may escort the participant themselves.

In the instance of a lost child, the below process will be activated:
1. Volunteers to get the attention of their Area Leader or call them using their mobile phone. Area Leader to notify EOC who will advise stadium security staff and Management staff in that area.
2. Area Leader to remain with lost child in area child was found. In many instances, parents will be close by and moving a child will increase the time it takes to reunite them with their parent or guardian.
3. If not reunited with parents within 10 minutes, Area Leader or Staff Member to take the child to Registration tables.
4. Announcements to be made by the MC.

As it will be hard to get their Area Leader’s attention if there is an injury, all volunteers will be given a RED first aid card. If they have any first aid requirements they will hold this card up so please keep an eye out for it.

In the instance that a volunteer cannot get your attention volunteers will be instructed to use their mobile to call you. Please keep your mobile turned on throughout the event – if you call to report an incident, stay on the phone until First aid or a Stadium Climb staff member is at the scene.

Please keep an eye out for exhausted participants, if you feel they look faint please remind them they can rest if they need to – notify the EOC if you have any concerns.

Participants can pull out at any stage of the challenge, if you have a team member with a participant that needs to be brought back to the start please find the fastest and safest way back to the start line.

In the event of any incident, once the correct emergency communications process has occurred and first aid is tending to the participant it is important that the Area Leader completes their own incident report (forms will be provided in your Area Leader pack). If you are unsure how to complete any components of the Incident report form be sure to ask prior to the commencement of your shift.


You will be given a two-way radio to communicate throughout the event. For all first aid, security or cleaning calls please request to speak to EOC. For all other enquiries request to speak to Operations.

Radio communication is to be kept to a minimum; radios are only for event communication. There will be no bad language to be used on the radio and no long conversations. If you need to have long conversations please use your mobile phone, unless it is an injury or emergency.
Process for communicating a message via radio:

1. LISTEN – wait until the conversation is complete
2. Hold the button down on the radio and count for 2 seconds before speaking – this ensures you do not cut off the beginning of your message. Begin by stating your name or position, and the name or position of the person you want to speak to. Once you have finished speaking, hold the button for an extra 2 seconds so as not to cut the end off your message.
Bryony: “Operations to Volunteer HQ”
Jit: “Volunteer HQ receiving”
Bryony: continues with message.

If you hear the words, “Stand by or Please hold” when you have tried to reach someone please do not speak until that person has come back to you with the go ahead. Please listen carefully.


Jen Stott – 021 523 171
Toni Durant 021 375 798